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    Partnering up with Foundation Hotel and Podcast Detroit to bring you content. Have a funny food anecdote? Send it to us. Know someone that would be a great guest? Let us know. Do you have original music that you'd like to hear on the show? Send us the file. We are scheduled for 19 episodes and each guest is required to provide a time stamped photo of their refrigerator one day before they're on. No exceptions. We're keeping it all the way honest in 2018. Each episode will feature a piece on Detroit food systems in some fashion shape or form.

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    Meet the writer - Godwin

    I am Food. All the food is good. Food is life.

    Grew up on pepper, spice, Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies and flamin hot cheetos.


    Acknowledges the term "foodie".


    Loves looking at a mixed fridge.

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    February 28, 2018
    I have eaten at many prestigious American restaurants. Being from Chicago, there was quite a few...
    What if I said that your next paycheck won’t be going to you any longer. Instead it will now be...
    Sometimes the only reason we say no is because the cost is unverified. I’ve never bare witness to...
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