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Chance Meetings

Steak Friday is one of those happenings that I ended up going to by chance. I can honestly say I never would have crossed their paths. Stephen Oh probably sat a chair or two down from me and we didn’t really talk food. We talked about Detroit. We talked about the chances to make it and be great in a city with so many eyes watching.

Detroit founded in the straits of 1701, has housed some of the most magnificent conversations to date. Historically, Detroit is measurably produced some of the most confusing weather patterns know to man and meteorologist alike. She never seems to disappoint as adventure toils away with aspirations to hustle at the crack of closing time. Detroit doesn’t stop.

What came of our talk became much more than forgotten laughs. It reminded me of why I continue to live in this city. “OVDO is a media company that specializes in high-quality videos, from social media content to commercials, and everything in-between. We pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service, and quick turn-time. Send us a message at for a free quote. We'd love to work with you!”

It was a simple text that lead to one of my top 10 experiences in life thus so far in a kitchen. We’ll get to that in another story.

The Self-Sufficiency Standard measures how much income is needed for a family of a certain composition in a given place to adequately meet their basic needs—without public or private assistance. The Standard makes it possible to determine if families’ incomes are enough to meet basic needs. We never talk about our ability to live. Is it fair to work with no benefits? The landscape that allows us kitchenfolk a chance at making it doesn’t end with being a career man. What if I all I wanted was to make it working in a kitchen that I loved. I like the company so I want to invest in some equity. The wages aren’t the best so I’m offered a chance to be vested based on tenure. It’s the industry’s version of a 401k. The incentives are making a lot more sense. The love is that much realer. The juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

Stephen dreamed it. He visualized. He approves the message.

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